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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Altered Bits' Mixed Media Art Zine has Arrived!

I'm thrilled to have received my copy of the new print zine titled

 curated by the amazing Alicia Caudle of  Altered Bits. There are 21 talented artists whose works are included in Alica's Art Zine and I'm elated to have my work, Spellbound,  included among those selected.  This zine is a gorgeous glossy compilation of varied mixed media pieces,  assemblages, sculptures, jewelry, stories and much much more.


This is a mixed media collage created on a "16" by "20" canvas.  It's built on the foundation of many layers, textures and colors within the theme of the wonderment of ideas and thoughts- how they're formed and created within us.  The focal point - being the pair of eyes, were created from a composite of my own eyes with those on a John Derian postcard and then framed. 
They capture an idea that is so profound, so focused 
So fixed-
       You can discover a scene from Italy adjacent to an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem atop a pocket filled with quiet thoughts-- reflections -- communicated through words.  If you look carefully, writings in Hebrew and Urdu can also be found.
 To create the ambiance of a coffee house from days gone by, where writers could play ideas off one another to hone their craft and make their magic,  I included a coaster  from the Cafe Le Victor Hugo in Paris.  As our senses are awakened from the colorful surroundings which abound, I've attached my favorite antique jeweled pen to capture the flow of these inspired thoughts.  And to give homage to intellectual societies from yesteryear's,  I've  included
 a gold encased high school honor society charm that belonged to my my mom.  
Butterflies always seem to capture our faith in freedom.  I created this one with brass decorative tacks to express the stillness of a fixed thought- yet it's equipped to take flight at a moment's notice with layered wings of violet and blue hued material.
Below is a first release stamp pressed under a glass picture frame-
  expressing thoughts through letter writing.  I'm always amazed at how we can read and understand these symbols called "words" within what we call the collective of "language" and then synthesize a meaning from them.

Music has its own powerful auditory and tactile way to communicate and connect with us -
As does poetry 
Where all of our senses seem to become heightened - transporting us to another place and time.  

How do you express your ideas and thoughts?
 Publicly? Privately? Through your art?  Writings?  Communications with others?  Find your colors, your music, what brings you peace, awe, wonder. What inspires you?
What triggers you to think?  
 Find what brings creative drama into your life,
 And once found- savor it.    
 Always know you have a voice   
  And with this voice, you can reach as far as you allow your mind to think.  

Thank you again Alicia for enabling Spellbound to be a part of your beautiful Art Zine, to be my "voice" among the works of such talented artists. 
  I will always be grateful to you! 



Seth said...

Alicia's zine is great and so is your contribution! It is fascinating to learn the meaning and symbolism behind the many details on your piece - which is really like an artwork within an artwork within an artwork! So vibrant, colorful and energetic. Love it!

Anonymous said...

miss jilly, thank YOU so much for being a part of out little zine. i will always be grateful to you as well, my sweet. i LOVE this piece -- the colors and texture and vibrancy! i loved reading all of the meanings behind everything -- makes me love it even more now. thank you so much, my sweet friend!

rebeca trevino said...

thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. i am glad you did because now i am a follower of yours.
congrats on being included in the Art-zine. all very talented artists.
stop back again sometime. i will too.

Steen said...

Creative composition with your spellbound eyes looking at your world! A world full of poetry, amazement and experience. See, I have the zine in my hand and have enjoyed all the wonderful contributions. I like when you include music in your pieces and I always enjoy all the valuable details included in your art.

Debrina said...

Hi ya Jill! Thanks for dropping a line my way and I'm glad you were able to grab a line from me too (re: "beginning of this connection with the unseen"). It's true...and I'm glad you have taken inspiration from it. Speaking of inspiration, looky here with your Spellbound piece. I have the digital file of Alicia's zine but haven't had a chance to go through all of it yet. Well, I think this is a stunning piece of yours: so much to look at; lots of fine detail. Magic!

Stephanie said...

I love this piece, I particularly like the butterfly detail. Congrats on being included in this zine.

Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats on being in the Zine! Fantastic. Your details are just incredible and I have to keep going back for more views! xxoo

Patti said...

I'm so glad to see the detail and read about the genesis of a truly amazing piece!!!
Also love the piece on Style Files - layered doesn't begin to describe your work!
Happy 4th - xo

~*~Patty S said...

I was riveted reading your words Jilly and seeing the details of this canvas...you leave me at a loss for words to express how fantastic and amazing this creation is
SPELLBOUND is perfect

I can only wonder how you can begin a new piece of art after creating a masterpiece of meaning and beauty with depth like this!

As you can tell...I am blown away by your creativity!
Congrats on being published...SO well deserved...Alicia rocks too!

Trudi Sissons said...

Beautiful beautiful work Jill! You have such wonderful energy pouring out of your work!

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jilly, Congratulations for being in this amazing zine, (I have my very own right here!), and for creating this piece. "Spellbound" has such a beautiful story to tell,and that you tell us here. I love it all the connections: to sound and music, words and colors... the mystery of art itself. I wish we could one day meet in a coffee shop and discuss art, if it weren't for the miles. But until then this is our coffee shop.

Geri Centonze said...

Can't wait to have more time to browse around! Love this!