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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Playtime In a New Art Journal!

     The divine and talented Ms. Alicia Caudle from Altered Bits indicated in her recent post that she's been going collage crazy.  I too have been in a frenzy of activity   creating in a new art journal. (Alicia and I have started a new art collaboration together which has put us both in a buzz of energy)  Alicia though has  an even greater reason to be high in the sky happy these days since her brilliant new Print Zine titled Altered Bits Mixed Media Art Zine: Themed Notorious and Letters and Symbols has been published and is available for sale here at Amazon and here at Lulu.  I am so proud to be a contributing artist in Alicia's Zine and will write much more about it in a future post!
     I never worked in an art journal before so thought it was time to take a spin. I selected a handmade paper book

 which I thought would be great, being of a thick rough texture. But after trying out a few pages, I realized that it was difficult for many mediums to adhere to the surface.  My acrylic paints- which have been a main stay for most of my paintings-  seemed to just disappear within the paper regardless of how many layers of paint I put on.  Perhaps it was meant to be- since so determined was I to make this work- I looked around for other kinds of mediums to paint with.  I found a box of Prang Sketcho oil crayons which indicated it was for sketching and painting from the American Crayon Company,  a box of Pastello - pastel-like chalk crayons from the Dixon Ticonderga Company, Pentel Pastel Dye Sticks as well as a host of pastel and watercolor pencils.   With backgrounds of rubber stamps, stencils, my own drawings, photos and artwork printed out,  here is a sampling of some of my works in progress!

Printed from an old portrait I painted many years ago.

And below is  my personal favorite - 
A simple ink drawing.

I  will continue to work on many of these "works in progress"  - some used as backgrounds for new works of art,  others as artworks unto themselves, and still others as further playground for experimentation!
 Challenge yourself to do or create something outside your usual comfort zone - Whether in your home, at work, in a relationship
 Or in a new artistic endeavor!


Seth said...

What a great start to your first art journal. I love the sense of freedom, excitement, and abandon inherent in your pages. Burst of colors, movement, and marks. I look forward to seeing more and more of these pages as they fill up!

Steen said...

Great creativity and energy!! Without trying to be too clever, I think that you this time really loved to play with structures, from the stamps to the tracks and then circles, and of course with a little clock in there. I can see that you enjoyed doing these wonderful pieces and had a feast with all the structures and symbols disguised in numbers and letters, shapes and colors – and it´s all really powerful. I like your old painting and the confidential postmark – it´s raw symbolism. I also really like the ink drawing a lot – it should be on my wall! I hope the collaboration with Alicia will be productive resulting in us having more zines in our hands to look at and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

i am just LOVING your first journal pages, miss jilly. they are so vibrant with color and beauty! i love your determination to find the perfect product to achieve what you wanted, too. that is so much fun! i find similar issues sometimes being so allergic to things (like gesso and gel mediums). you go girl -- you are on a beautiful role here! i love all of the pages but i really, really love the copy of the portrait you did and the ink drawing of figures. just divine!!

i think i will go work on our joint project now. :)

Gaby Bee said...

Your first journal pages are fantastic! You've done a beautiful job with these pages, Jill. The colors and structures are gorgeous! Looks like you had a good time doing these! I´m curious for more.
Have a lovely week!
Gaby xo

Marilyn Rock said...

What a joy to see your journal art! Love that book and your pages are just filled with your beautiful expressions. Your colors are so alive, patterns are marvelous and your pen drawings - wow! I can really sense your enjoyment in this journal and look forward to seeing more! xxoo

layers said...

Although I myself do not work in journals I can see the creativity, freedom and expression you and others put into journals- yours especially is quite free and colorful and creative.

~*~Patty S said...

Well WOWEE Jilly!
Your plan B for those handmade paper pages is working out beautifully...one page is more interesting than the last!
the circles...colors...use of postage stamps...your art piece transferred ... all super!!!
I have a few art journals sitting and waiting for attention...thank you for inspiring me!
You and Alicia are amazing!
I'm off to check out the new Zine, thanks for the links
Wishing you a happy new art week!

rivergardenstudio said...

These pages are so free and exciting, and so playful, a joyful expression of your own art spirit. Wow... I love the way you have poured yourself into this new, beautiful book.