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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm In A Rainbow Colored State of Mind!

Today I felt that the next best thing to a gorgeous shining rainbow after the rain has cleared was to add some additional color to a few of my favorite flowered photographs! 

 Continue to seek out the color in your life  
In whatever way you can.
If you don't see the RAInbow you're looking for-
 Create your own!


Seth said...

What a great way to start my day - with bursts of bold and energetic colors! And you thoughts about making your own rainbow are a wonderful reminder of what is possible for all of us!!

Karin Bartimole said...

Beautiful Jill! Strong, bold, colorful and alive - all qualities that I equate with you. Thank you for the reminder to create the beauty we seek in our lives, and to see it, because it's already there! big hugs, xoxox K

Renee Howell said...

Whoa! LOVE that COLOR! big smile on my face. Thanks to the flowers in our lives!

Steen said...

You took Mother Nature when she is smiling and you dressed her up beautifully! Such wonderful architecture and colors and the dresses are the finest!! Your words always bring light and joy! Steen

stregata said...

Thanks for your visit and your kind words, Jill. Love your photos of Santa Fe - seems almost like I was there. You have an incredible feeling for colour. Looking forward to seeing your work in the zine.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous post and prose, my sweet friend! for some reason i have no been receiving notifications of your posts so i must investigate what's going on.

it's so funny -- i keep forgetting to tell you and this reminded me. the other day i was on the phone talking to my best girl katie (our 20 year friendship anniversary is very soon) and i was sitting on my porch. it's still totally winter or early spring here and i looked up and saw a gorgeous rainbow. i told her that rainbows "remind me of my sweet friend jill". the funniest part of all is that it was on tuesday -- the very day you posted this! AND i took about 10 flower photographs in my garden just after that. i will post them or send them to you. you are an amazing lady, miss jilly! thank you for all of the color and beauty you bring to everyone's lives!


Marilyn Rock said...

Whoa!!!!!!!!!! I'm blown away by these colors! Bursts of happiness and joy you've created! xxoo

~*~Patty S said...

ahhh So So gorgeous...what a fiesta of colors and beauty you have captured and shared...
the Passion Flower always blows me away...your photo is splendid Jilly!

Happiest of June weekends to you!

Gaby Bee said...

A feast for the eyes! Beautiful pictures, my friend!

Hope your having a great summer.
Gaby xo

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jilly, here are two wonderful posts for me to feast my eyes upon!! It is rainy today too and just like your first photograph raindrops are collecting everywhere.
I love what you do with color and hope today is filled with all the colors of a rainbow for you!