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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Revealing Thursdays- An Art Metamorphosis!

     After reading Seth Apter from The Altered Page's article  "Your Blog Your Way" in Create Mixed Media,  I've decided to try his suggestion of selecting a specific day of the week to post a work in progress (even if it's just for this week).  I've decided to change the theme just a drop today- to  Revealing Thursday's - An Art Metamorphosis!
     As those who follow my artwork may know, it's not unusual for me to either take apart works I've completed to create new ones or just rework an artwork I've already "completed".
Here's my "first version" of a mixed media artwork I created in June titled:
The Gift of Life based on the colors within the  color wheel.

Then, what usually happens is I get "this feeling" that my work needs something- I just don't  always know what it is.  So, I begin a new journey of discovering  what I want to convey and how to accomplish it.  I would guess that some artists would just create a new work- but as of now, I've been reworking my original artwork.
Below is a photo of my revised piece-replacing the words  that were on the original work to a dragonfly made with a very old  rusted nail for the spine and mesh for its wings:

And as in many of my works - I  have  included something from my mom. In this piece, it's the embroidered green leaf on the top right  corner.  

In art, as in life, it's always important to take risks, experiment, try new things, explore.  Sometimes I get it right, and at other times, my revised version just doesn't hit the mark that I had intended.  But regardless of the outcome- I'm always glad I tried.  It's the process of moving  from an idea to a work of art that's so important to me,  to learn what works, what doesn't, and hopefully- to feel great with what I've created!

What do you do when you feel an artwork of yours isn't quite how you want it to be?



Marilyn Rock said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for your lovely comments you left on my Blog. I love your feedback. This is a fantastic post and I absolutely love not only what you did with the piece originally, but what you're doing with it now. Gorgeous textures, colors, and composition. I want to touch it!

I did see Seth's article regarding suggestions on Blogging and thought it was brilliant. I'd like to try something like this myself. Perhaps in near future.

Have a joyous day and weekend and thank you for always making me smile and feel so good about what I'm doing. xxoo

Seth said...

I like both the before and the after. Such amazing texture. Love the fact that you follow your gut and are willing to 'go there' and re-do your artwork. I think that using the nail for the body of the dragonfly is so inspired.

Steen said...

Great post and I Iike your dragonfly. I remember your photo from long ago. Your words about remodeling are fun to read….and your feeling “that it needs something” – that one we all know. It also reminds me about what I once read about many composers when they published their music a century or more ago. As soon as it was out they wanted to change it – and new versions appeared with themes only slightly different. Some felt they could never get it right and some did. Your dragonfly is very strong – you should leave it there!

~*~Patty S said...

Wow Jilly...I am inspired and impressed on so many levels visiting you and this reworked piece

I enjoyed it "before" and "after" is brilliant too...I think it does take courage to forge ahead not worrying if you'll ruin a piece or the what if I don't like it

Your dragonfly is inspired...there is so much depth and heART to what you create...fabulous colors and texture too...surely having part of your mother woven into your art makes for a most special element always!

Happy new art week dear one!

Sharmon Davidson said...

I do much as you do do, Jill- if I'm not satisfied with a piece after I've finished it and let it "sit" awhile, I tear it apart to use in other work, or re-work it as you did here. I like both versions of yours, but i really love the dragonfly- so unique!

Supria Karmakar said...

Hi Jill:
Well said,..it is true we need to risk and take a chance....I love what you do with mixed media, the layers, the colours are all magical
Thanks for your recent comment and visit...I appreciated it...I too love and pay attention to numbers, dates etc. all the time...11.11 has always been a special meaningful combo for me, as is 777...so funny I posted this at 11.11
wishing you love and peace...I know what it is like to loose a parent now..and understand the road is up and down, as is most of life..but my heart and love goes out to you..

Patti said...

Oh Jilly - I love it, the before and especially the after!!! What a great idea - I know we've conversed about blog continuity... you are an inspiration. How is it we are so comfortable taking risks in traffic, in the grocery, but not at the art table. ahh, life is such a paradox - thanks for your take!