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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Revealing Thursdays- Artwork Transformations!

 It's revealing thursday again!  
As I posted last week,  here's another of one of my "before" and "after" artworks.
Back in March 2010, I  created  two mixed media pieces.  Below is the first 
    one  titled "Time to Dress Up"  which I  previously posted about  here.

Ironically, the second canvas below, titled "It's A  Wrap" and  previously posted  here,  left me with a lingering feeling that something was needed but I couldn't quite identify what it was.

   I was so happy with my vintage photo " find" from Pippin's,  and thought I picked the perfect place for it. But as time went by, I had an inner nagging feeling that she didn't fit in with the rest of the canvas's design.  I wasn't too sure if it was because the woman in the photo wasn't one of my own family members or that her expression looked a bit distant and didn't generate the warmth that I had wanted to convey. 
  Whatever the reason, I wasn't connecting with her so it was time to go back to the drawing board where I created my revised work titled,
 "It's Really A Wrap" below. As you can see, I removed the photo and added thread spools that my grandfather used more than 50 years ago as a shoe stitcher in New York, various pins, needles, lace binding and a thimble.

    "It's Really a Wrap" is  now back up again on my wall  and I can happily say- mission accomplished!

Art is an expression of us — our thoughts, ideas, visions and silent conversations we have with the world around us.  Just as we change our minds and/or alter our opinions,  we can do the same with our creations.  Have you ever had artwork that you felt you should change but didn't, or something you wanted to say to someone but couldn't or felt you shouldn't, or wanted to do something-but didn't?
What are all the forces that stop us from doing what our instincts tell us to do? What is that magical voice within us that guides both our creativity and our lives which enables us to make the choices we do?

Take risks, experiment-refrain from self criticism if the end result is not what you planned or envisioned. 
 In as much as we can create works of art,  I believe we ourselves are incredible works of art-with the ability to connect deeply, resonate and evoke the most incredible emotion from those that come into contact with us.


Seth said...

You make such a good point about our changing minds with the changing time and reflecting that in changing art. Thanks for the food for thought. And I have to say that I love your new title. Very clever.

Steen said...

Really interesting to read how the artist thinks and works at The Bench! Your result really gave the canvas a much more harmonic and complete expression. The insertion of meaningful things from the bench of your grandfather evidently was the right thing to do! May be I am in particular susceptible because my grand grand father was a shoemaker in Copenhagen and as a boy I had a box of similar things! I think the idea to reveal to us what´s behind the work is really great. Why not? Really surprising experiences I have had was taking music classes and suddenly understanding a composition I liked – that made it even more fascinating. Your words and thoughts finishing your post are as always music. Hope this Thursdays gift wrap-up – will last for some time!!

Marilyn Rock said...

A very inspirational and thought-provoking post Jill - thank you! I loved your "before" and love your "after" even more. I find it filled with your own personal expression and meaning that shines through! Beautiful! Have a joyous weekend! xxoo

rivergardenstudio said...

Art is "the visions and silent conversations that we have with the world around us." How true and beautiful your words and this piece is. And yes, I change my work all the time. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not!! Have a wonderful weekend! roxanne

~*~Patty S said...

not only does your artwork really resonate with me Jilly...your written word goes very deep as well!

I found your before and after very interesting on several fronts

I often use people in what I create...but I must admit your change to sewing notions placed so artfully is a really rich next step and I liked the before very much

brilliant end result you have there!

thank you for sharing
and providing so much food for thought
and for inspiring me again and again with your endless creativity