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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Altered Bits' Tallest Handmade Book In The World Collaboration!

 Famed Alicia Caudle, from Altered Bits  has created "The Tallest Handmade Book in the World"  project which I'm so excited to participate in.

Anyone wanting to join just lets Alicia know and creates a
 6" x 4" folded artwork that Alicia can bind with a needle and thread on the fold.  Then send it to her in the mail. Full instructions are on the project link above. Once the book is complete, Alicia will have it exhibited and will  auction it off with the proceeds sent to a  non-profit charity to create "art for a cause". 
Below is my submission. My cover page was based on a scene I made for the talented Roxanne Evan Stout from River Garden Studio 's  InnerWorks altered book.  It occurred to me that the theme Earth Tones has ART at its
 core. With this in mind- I wanted my work to connect to the world around us. Layers of cloth materials and acrylic paint were used and then sandpapered to attain an earthy texture. See if you can see part of a postage Love stamp that I also attached.

The left side of the inner page was made from layers of cloth material, piece of a design imprinted paper towel, part of a postage stamp, acrylic paint, gold leafing, an attached faux leaf  and script nature writings of my own in the background.

 The right side of the inner page was created using a section from a small gift book I have with the words:
 "The best things in life are not things" ...

 One of my favorite sentiments. Gold leafing, acrylic paint, rubber stamping and a black sharpie were used.
Using acrylic paint, I created the theme of a country nature scene on the back side. It contains a postage stamp and a cut out vintage picture of a woman on a bicycle from one of my desk file folders. A tiny section of a musical score was attached as part of the ground to provide additional texture.

Thank you Alicia for all the inspiration you provide to everyone around you! I'm so grateful to be part of this project and appreciate the generosity you have in that huge heart of yours.  I hope everyone reading this post tells all of your friends and family about this project. Anyone can participate- no matter how artistic you think you are!  
 Who knows, you may just be part of:  

The Tallest Handmade Book in the World!"


Seth said...

Beautiful pages Jill and a great addition to Alicia's project. How cool is it that in the end it will benefit a charity and a cause?! Somehow I had never recognized that the word art is the center of the eARTh. Thanks for highlighting that.

Steen said...

Splendid idea to create this book showing the dynamic and creative art scene at this moment. Must be a technical challenge! I always liked when you were telling us about earth music and tones but I didn´t know that X´s were notes for that:) And the best things in life … so true. Your country nature scene is really picturesque and the lady must have a great time – such a beautiful tour she is on. You made some fine and poetic images of thoughts and nature to include. And some day when all 7 billion have tried to go on the internet at the same there will always be Alicia´s book!

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill! Viewing this book leaves me almost breathless! Beautiful pages and love the country scene and nature inclusion; so textural and for art for a cause - how wonderful of you to participate!

I'd like to take this time, now, to wish you and yours a joyful, happy, and peaceful Thanksgiving.

I, for one, am grateful for YOU! Thank you!

Love, Marilyn xxoo

Anonymous said...

oooh, miss jilly. your pages are divine!! i am in awe of each and every one of them. they are stunning!!! you make me want to bid on the book once it's up and ready to go, too. how gorgeous!! thank you so very much for playing in this project. it's going to be so amazing!

thank you for the post, too. hopefully more people see this and would like to play too. this week i'm going to post a sneak peek at some of the pages that have come in. so lovely! i've almost finished my first set too.

much love to you! i am missing you and hope for a chat soon. (i'm here all day, hint, hint).


Anonymous said...

i can't stop looking at your pages and i have a new favorite quote: the best things in life aren't things. that is so true!!

i want to go on holiday in your fourth page. :)

rivergardenstudio said...

Jilly! I love how you tied these pages together with the words earth tones and the project that we worked on together. Your painting, stitching and collaging are all so beautiful together, so many beauties hiding everywhere. Your work has so much depth and magic. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, this day is still alive inside of me... reality will set in tomorrow! roxanne

~*~Patty S said...

Each of your pages is really wonderful dear Jilly...the postage stamps are a great addition.
I have collected them since I was a girl...longggg time ago ;)

I have my pages for Alecia's project started and can't wait to get back to them

We are in Baltimore for a long weekend...fun town!

Have a lovely weekend dear one!
now I must go back from more looks