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Thursday, December 8, 2011

SEASONS CHANGE- In Pasticcio Quartz 13!

I'm thrilled and honored to have one of my artworks featured in this month's season edition of 
It's the fabulous Art Zine by the amazing and talented artists 

As described in its introduction- "PASTICCIO is a pioneer in the next wave of a dynamic arts publication arena; it's much more than a zine, it has evolved into a QUARTZ: a Quality Art Zine. A veritable treasure trove in an 8.5"x8.5" package of over 70 full color pages of Art and Life..."  It showcases new art from dozens of established and emerging artists, has book and product reviews, advice, stories, interviews, food and movie tips, thoughts, projects and products to try, recipes, word play, vision boards and so much more.

Below is my published artwork titled 
Seasons Change One to Another. 

 Substrate: 6" x 8.5" cut book board 
 Ingredients: Layers and layers of gesso, acrylic paint, sharpie marker, tissue paper, a postage stamp, colored musical notes and a piece of wall paper.
When my artwork was almost complete, I received a card from my dad with this picture. 
I was dumbstruck by how it was almost a clone to the mountains, color palette and visual effects I had just painted --and knew it had to be included  (in addition to the word "love"  written by my dad in the card)
   After much research - I identified the piece
 ( seen above) as a  scene from a poster titled Hyeres by artist Julien Lacaze (1886-1971).  
Below are close up shots  of my artwork showcasing the layers of mountains and 3D effect created on the book board.

With very special thanks to Sarah and Angela

I'm so blessed and grateful to all who follow my blog and continue to leave such supportive comments providing unending inspiration and encouragement.  
And to everyone who visits without leaving a comment, 
I'm very thankful that you take the time to view my posts.  
Wishing everyone the Happiest of Holidays  
Filled with unending creative spirit and
    Good health. 
May you feel the affection of cherished family and friends,
Know that you are appreciated 
And that You put a smile on some one's face  
Each and every day.
And for that, you've created a special kind of poetic music -  
An unparalleled harmony in some one's life.



Steen said...

Such a warm and charming piece you have created with the snow and the sun – and surrounded by your music. And may be a few X´s for earth music – who knows…..?. Fills me with energy! I could tell without knowing it was your creation! Such a wonderful story about the card from your dad - the palm trees are a perfect addition. You got blessed you with one of the things you appreciate so much and make us wonder – synchronicity! But what makes you art work so special and unique, is the words you give us. When I leave they have made me inspired and energetic! Happy holidays to you!!!!

Seth said...

Congratulations Jill on the publication. Your piece is beautiful and seems so perfect for an issue of the zine that is celebrating this season. And thanks for your beautiful words and well wishes to us all. Wishing you the best and the best too!

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill! Congratulations on the publication! This is so well-deserving and your art should be showcased. It always has such meaning and wonderful composition - art from the heart!

A very healthy, happy, peaceful holiday season to you and yours!

Thoughts of you always! xxoo Marilyn

Ange said...

Jill, that piece is just superbe. I adore those colours and what an incredible amount of work. You know - I'd just like to say that I really appreciate you dropping by. I don't get much time for blogging these days so it's lovely to have your cheery face show up in my comments. YOu made my day :)

Trudi Sissons said...

This is just gorgeous Jill and deserved to be published. I can't believe how similar it was to your Dad's postcard - that's amazing - the world works in mysterious ways doesn't it? I believe we're all connected somehow. But again, beautiful work - I love how textural your art is!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh my dear Jilly
I am sniffing away happy tears on so many levels reading your post...your gift for words that go straight to my heart...for that I thank you again and again
for sharing your beautiful and special creativity...

the piece you credited and your father's card...well it is beyond magical and special

congratulations on being published again and deservedly so!!!

I learned so much in reading this post...what is a Quartz for example

Brightest of Blessings to you and yours!

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing the story of this wonderful piece....I love when snychronicities happen in art, they seem to validate & bless our efforts.
Love your blog!

deb said...

congrats Jilly and I love this colour palette - one of my personal favorites. Your work is always so intricate and marvelous!! Hope you enjoy your holidays... best & blessings - deb

sf said...

Thanks again for letting us "borrow" your piece, Jill! xxo

layers said...

A big congrats on your piece being included.. it is always a wonderful filling to have one's art recognized and published.

La Dolce Vita said...

congrats Jill, what an amazing piece with incredible synchronicity... just love how that works out.. xo

Elena and Russ said...

Congratulations Jill!

Thank you for stopping by at my blog.

Have a wonderful Holidays!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jilly, this IS such wonderful news!!! I love "Pasticcio" and have quite a collection of them on my shelves. And I love your art too, what a beautiful fit they both make together. I love the sun peaking over the mountains, and the red bird on the very top of the tree, and the feeling of "vacation" in your 'Seasons Change..." I wish you a wonderful holiday as well. Love and laughter and many tender moments.

Gaby Bee said...

Great news!!! Congrats on being published, Jill! I'm so happy for you! That piece is brilliant and deserved to be published:)

Love and hugs to you my friend for the festive season. Hope it’s a fabulous Christmas for you and yours! Best wishes for the New Year.

Thanks for your lovely Christmas card my dear!
I will send you a little something in the new year!

Sending big hugs,

Patti said...

Congrats - such a fabulous piece - by such a fabulous artiste! I'm happy to call you friend!

nancy neva gagliano said...

thank you for checking in on my little bloggette! love the message you sent above: you poetic musician! and the story of your dad's card coming in when it did adding such meaning to your beautiful work. that "LOVE"...TOO.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, this piece is divine, lady! i lovelovelove it! huge congratulations! i will definitely be buying this issue to have more of my sweet friend jilly's art around here. i lovelove how the card from your dad came after your started the piece -- it looks like it was so meant to be! i adore it when things like that happen -- and this piece is just perfect!