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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Pulse of Mixed Media Continues---She Said- He Said And See What YOU Said!!

IT's TiME!!
In my last post- we turned the tables on Seth Apter and asked him two questions -much like he asked the participants in his The Pulse of Mixed Media book to answer:
 Now See what he said:

She SAID:  You've indicated that your meeting with Patricia Larsen was the cataclysmic event that started your life to become the artist an author that you are today. Looking back to that time, do you think  you'd have eneted the field of art if you hadn't seen her work and visited her gallery? If so, what other event or person do you think would have taken you into the world of art? And if your answer is no, do you think that there would have been another passion that you'd be engaged in now other than art?
 HE SAID:  It may seem like I am not answering your first question but truly I am. I think that my meeting with Patricia was meant to be. The right place at the perfect time. It almost feels as it were my destiny, so I cannot really even contemplate my entrance into the world of art as happening in any other way than the way it actually did. In fact, it is almost impossible to imagine art not being a part of me in this period of my life.

SHE SAID: Can you also tell us what triggered you to create your infamous The Altered Page blog?

HE SAID: My frame of reference for making art has been related to community since the very beginning.  In a sense, the mail art relationship that developed immediately with Patricia was social in nature. I belonged to several Yahoo art groups back in the early days where the art was always collaborative. And I was a blog reader long before I was a blogger myself. I believe that the creative energy that was and is always brewing in the blog world is a much needed part of me being an artist. It just seemed like the natural next step to start my own.
We're all wondering...

Here's what all of YOU have said to  this question- what inspired you to create your website or blog:

---I felt like a blog was a much more friendly way to post recent work (vs. a standard website) as it provided the invitation for readers to participate in the conversation. I've met so many wonderful people through this platform! 

---My blog started as a weightloss blog. After i lost the weight i wanted to show there was more to me than a number on the scale so i shared more of myself including my artwork.  

---The reason I started my blog was because I wanted to "play" in Seth's first Disco collaboration!! He has been an inspiration to me ever since. 

--- I've only recently joined this great party, & it's why I started my blog, to join the party & not stand outside,  finding friends & focus.  ;) 

--- why did I start my blog now 5+ years ago? my blog functions as a kind of studio - virtually mess-free- I live in a quiet natural environment and I wanted a way to be here, share my work and connect with a larger community...

----Started my blog back in January 2007, when some of the wonderful people I met at a Michael Demeng workshop in Italy were starting one. It was a great way to stay in touch.....be inspired and create new and lasting relationships with artists all over the world. 

--- I started my blog to keep my beginning weaving students informed and encouraged and to stay in touch with textile friends around the world - it has grown into so much more. I will be back. 

---As for the art of Blogging: my wonderful pal Michelle Ward gently tugged at my pant leg and "encouraged me" to start!...I was always sending her links and photos, so she offered to get me started as a birthday gift. I've found it a fabulous way to push out the Creative Energy into the World. Who knows if anyone's listening?...I'll just keep doing it.  

----I started my blog as a way of making me accountable to myself, as an artist... and taking myself seriously. I also see it as a way of keeping a record of my process and evolving style.
----As to what inspired my blog - I guess I was kind of lonely. I felt kind of let down after finishing my master's thesis. Even though I was with my a great art students, I was missing my own kind. I found them again online. And that inspired me to make my own community right where I was.

 ----I started blogging to get a 'web presence' for my art... but it has become so much more. Love the connection between artists worldwide and the chance to see their work and communicate with them. It's all good. 

----  I started my site about a year ago as a way to show what I create so I don't feel so much in a vacuum. I didn't know if anyone but me would read the blog or see what I create, but since I don't sell my creations yet, I felt the need to "put it out there". What I found was an amazingly supportive and encouraging community - I've learned SO much. 
To everyone who has been following Seth's fabulous Pulse of Mixed Media magical book extravaganza, who previously knew of me or just learned about me from the 31/31 tour or perhaps from your copy of the book- please know I am humbled and honored to be a part of this wonderful blogging and mixed media
 art community. 


Seth said...

Thanks for asking me these thought-provoking questions and for sharing all the responses from your readers' comments. A very Pulse-like post indeed!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Congrats on your inclusion in the book. It's a wonderful book! Thanks for an interesting post here too! Dis-co was a turning point in my life too.

steen said...

Great to get the answers presented here and they are fun to read. Its all about connecting to the outside world and how that makes us creative .. isn´t it?

Marit said...

It's great to see Seth himself answering the questions. Teehee - he's always the 'asker' isn't he? I love this post Jill! Thanks!

~*~Patty S said...

so interesting and well done dear Jilly!

I agree that it is such an honor and pleasure to be part of such a talented and caring mixed media art community

Happy Spring weekend to you and yours dear one

michelle ward said...

Jill, great post! I love how you culled all the answers and posted for us to read. And today (3/31) it was so fun to see your art, and all the many layers and textures - just wonderful! And I loved getting to meet you in real life, finally!

Marit said...

Are you sick of 'questionaires' yet? If not: I tagged you with some questions on my blog if you feel like taking part. Check it out at http://www.maritspaperworld.com/blog/?p=6112 Big Hug from the Netherlands!