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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And the Winner is.......

And the lucky winner is Carol Cantrell  from Wamberal, NSW Australia.

Seth Apter's 31/31 has ended and as a spot light artist in his book, The Pulse of Mixed Media, Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed,  I was sponsoring a give away of  Elemental VII( seen below)  one of Seth's amazing art works. 

 The rules indicated that I would select a winner from all comment  received on my "Day  8" post here.

   Huge Congratulations Carol!!

 I had asked Seth to pick a number from 1-50, (the number of comments from my post- and he picked 28!)  The 28th comment was from Carol.  So, unbeknownst to him, Seth actually picked the winner of  his artwork!
Carol has two amazing blogs: 

Per her profile, Carol is a book binder trained in Sydney and Auckland, and is currently interested in drawing, print making, and all aspects of the artist's book. Her life long passions have always revolved around books, both making them and reading them in addition to natural history.  From 1980 until 2004, she worked in the Research  Library of the Australian Museum and was privileged to work in the Rare Book Collection. She is currently working  on  a series of hand made books, featuring re-drawings of marine animals depicted in 16th and 17th century natural history books.  Carol lives in Wamberal, on  the  beautiful NSW Central coast- in easy reach of 7 beaches and lagoons.   
Below, you can see a  couple of pictures from Carol's blog Barnacle Goose Paperworks.  Run over and take a look. She has gorgeous work!!  From her  recent blog post, Carol says," This frangipani was taken using Paper Camera, then put through Tiny Panets to give it a swirl. She later used  "Angry Pants" in Photo Toaster to finish it off.

                        Another one of Carol's photos using different digital art applications on her iPhone!

                                            A beautiful photograph of Carol's below from  her  blog!

            I've been so inpired by Carol's photos that my next post will be a few photos of my own!
                                                                 So very special thanks Carol!

                What inspired you today? 
             Where does your inspiration come from?


Seth said...

Congratulations Carol. Hope you enjoy having the artwork. And thank you Jill for this generous giveaway. Art is definitely the gift that keeps on giving!

Marit said...

Congratulations Carol! Thanks for showing us her work Jill, the photo takes me back to a trip to Wales (ages ago...) - the bay where Dylan Thomas once lived (he worked in the 'Boathouse') looked a bit the same. I guess that's inspiring, I might re-read some poems of him today. "my sea-shaken house on a breakneck of rocks" - oh how I would love to live in a house like that!

Carol said...

Jill thank you so much for that wonderful introduction to me and my blog. And even more so, thank you for giving away this fantastic painting of Seth's. I'm such a fan of Seth's work that I feel quite overcome to be the fortunate recipient. This, for me, is the culmination of the most enjoyable month of blog hopping as Seth introduced one great artist after another. Thanks, Jill, you are one of those stars.

rivergardenstudio said...

Jilly, this work of Seth's is a beauty and Carol is a very lucky winner. I love seeing her work and her photograph of the curving coastline.
And I loved meeting you. You are a star in my eyes too! Happy Saturday to you.