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Monday, April 30, 2012

FEATURING is here- and What a GIFT!!

The amazing and talented Marit Barentsen has created a gorgeous new International Art Magazine titled FEATURING  that is a polished, smart, page turning compilation of stories and articles about all facets of the art world.  The inaugural issue has just come off the presses and I am thrilled, honored and blessed that an altered book art and poetry collaboration that I completed with Seth Apter from The Altered Page, titled The Gift, has been included.  The article discusses our project, displays select pictures of our artwork and poems and includes an in depth interview  from each of us on our project.  Our altered book collaboration was based on each of us having a book for which the other created poems. These poems were then the jumping point for the others original artwork for each of our books. You must read the article to see the details!

Click this You Tube Video  to see
  the first release of Featuring as the presses roll!

This first edition of the magazine includes all of the things Marit ever  dreamed of- as she says, " articles to READ, background stories, interviews... she dreamed of a  versatile magazine that included art journaling, mixed media, photography, poetry and everything else that would fit - creativity in all its forms." 
And so it is one beautiful
  8 1/4" x 11 3/4"  magazine of glossed beauty!

(Partial view below of FEATURING's cover)
FEATURING can also be followed on FACEBOOK here- with daily previews of first edition articles!

And  for a preview of FEATURING- you can click here which will also show you a preview of

 The Gift!

 Below are glimpses of my art work and poetry which are not included in the FEATURING article.  

"Stacking Souls"

One Season to Another-Mixed Media Artwork

A Poem: Designs in Nature

Mixed Media Artwork

More of  The Gift  in a follow up post. In the interim, 
don't wait to check out 

Unending thank yous go to Marit Barentsen for accepting our submission for  FEATURING  into this very special inaugural edition and being the very best editor that I've ever known!! I am truly grateful.


Marit said...

Thank you for the shout out Jill, you are a great, loving and wonderful artist (I think I have a crush on you ;) ) We are so happy to have you & Seth's collaboration project 'The Gift' featured in our debut magazine - both books are truly magnificent!

~*~Patty S said...

Everything about your post makes me smile and feel so happy Jilly!

Marit's new venture is oh so exciting and you and Seth really help make that issue special I'm sure!

Seth said...

It is such a gift to be in the first Issue of Marit's sensational magazine as it was such a gift to collaborate with you on this project. Sharing and trading art and words with you has been so inspirational. Thanks Jill!!'

Caterina Giglio said...

well, big congrats, I will check it out of course and your work is sensational! x

layers said...

a BIG congrats on being in the first issue of a great looking magazine.. your work looks wonderful.

nancy neva gagliano said...

oh, this is a celebration! beautiful work and how fantastic to be in this first issue of what looks to be very exciting...congratulations!

steen said...

Congratulations with being in the first issue of this new magazine! Super to see the collaboration with Seth “The Gift” – and hope to see more! And then the extra gift to us: Designs in Nature with your poem. It is poetic and makes us feel her space, power and freedom. And you said it: Nature is a gracious host! Wherever we are or whatever we do - your poem speaks to us all.