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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo Fun From Washington DC!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Washington DC and thought I'd post a few photos!
 Wonder if the white house has an open door policy?

 A poster seen from the outside of the Corcoran Gallery of Art!

 Not quite the  infamous cherry blossoms, but they certainly got a smile from me.   

Love the street signs!

Party time!  

A window view!

Just a moment for some horsing around!

Guess for once - I was right on the money!

 And see- you can never have too much copper!

Regardless of your political views on the Occupy Wall Street Movement- as you can see below,  at least person got it right! 

Enjoy your week!


Seth said...

Your captions are as great as your pictures. Looks like the visit and putting together this post were both a lot of fun.

Marit said...

The flower/blossom is called 'blue rain' overhere, and I love it! I enjoyed your photos Jill, it was like traveling with you. 'ART IS LOVE' - you know it, I know it and at least one other person knows it! Ha!

steen dissing said...

You do have an eye for seeing things and make them fun! The little details – like the money and the copper valves - fun for the eye and the mind. Nice and nerdy picture of copper valves that reminded me of one of your posts several years ago on manholes – they were nerdy too! They certainly had an impact on me because when I see manholes today I always think about that crazy and fun story. Nice pictures, by the way, from the city.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jilly! Just wonderful photo's. love the blue umbrellas, the street sign, the copper faucet and the wisteria... reminds me of my mothers house in santa rosa, ca. thank you for that! Miss you!

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Jilly ~ You were in Wash DC and I missed seeing you!!! We live about 20 miles away in Virginia!

Love your view of the city with your wonderful photos!!!
Just Perfect!

Stephanie said...

I have never been...ome dsy!