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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Glimpse, A Glance, A New Mixed Media Art Romance!

Here are some select sections of one of my recent mixed media artworks titled
"Triumph of Man".
It's a  24" x 18" canvas painted with acrylics and  filled with original old stamps, enhancements of some of my photos, a piece of the front page of an original 1964 New York World's Fair  brochure, architectural drawings and  ephemera creating
  layers and layers of textures.

This work is a metaphor for the achievements man has attained, built and layered on the discoveries of so many- each creating a  foundation for the unending  new  innovations within society.  I  attended the 1964 World's Fair as a child and remember being in such awe of these new  21st Century technologies- seemingly futuristic in nature. The experience of sitting in moving seats within dark cavernous exhibit halls- taken on a  journey to see striking  new designs  was just  miraculous.
Just think what new  revelations and discoveries  in science and technology will become the staple of American life in the next half century! 
Within your own life, what would you like to create? 


Seth said...

So much detail and so many layers. I am sure that I would find many new things over and over if I were to come back to these images. Mixed media at its fullest and finest!

Steen said...

Jill, you certainly made an adventurous and artistic contribution to our achievements. I see your symbolic power again and your mystical touch - like in a dream. I like your allusions to wisdom, power and "No act of Kindness". It is a beautiful piece with its colors, structures and things to explore!

~*~Patty S said...

Jill!!! I so enjoy how your artwork draws me in...I truly think if I were looking at it in person I could spend a long long time taking in all of the detail and depth and more!

Happy July Dear One

layers said...

wow Jill... your collages are very intense and filled with imagery... so much to convey about life and history and memory.. I would not know where to begin.

magpie said...

haven't thought about that fair in years - a little frightening to realize it was 48 years ago! the collage captures the layered chaos of "progress"