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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Metamorphosis of My Metamorphosis!

Who would ever guess that I would cut up my first major painting titled "Metamorphosis'.
I decided it was time for my painting to have a metamorphosis of its own- evolving into many new "lives" of artwork! My original painting represented the artist in me slowly emerging. It was here that I originally posted about it , and its meaning to me.
The painting was part of my entry in Seth Apter's Buried Treasure Collaboration which you can see here. I've cut out some of my favorite components ( below) and others which you can see in new paintings I am in the process of creating - experimenting with techniques for varying backgrounds, textures and layering. Here is the first painting in this new series that's in process.
Here is another piece in the works - created from my original hummingbird
( made of leather) with a new background of acrylics, stamped images and gorgeous butterflies from Alicia of Altered Bits which I copied onto old "sheet music".
I've also reworked mypoem written for the Buried Treasure Collaboration to express the continued changes within myself.
I love that smile place in my heart
Where every moment’s vision is shining, When I want more of everything.
When time is too short for each second that goes by. Where colors are brilliantly vivid
And I want to capture every moment -
By holding on tight
To every exciting captivating vision in sight.
When I become filled with energy, creativity and everything seems new. When there’s so much stimulus surrounding me that I can barely take it all in.
When that magical inner peace is here. I love it when my body is still and quiet Enabling me to find my own voice, soul and body's dynamic.
Now empowered to fly
To the limitless places of the dreams I have
In no defined way- Finding the place where I'm free-
Traveling like a "forever" butterfly.
Exploring, exploding creativity,
Emitting electricity,
In a continuous state of synchronicity
I find my own reciprocity.
And this new state
Is what I now call home.


rivergardenstudio said...

I love your re-creations... especially the first... the woman seems so at peace, and the way she bursts out of the flower is such an extension... beautiful poem too, the way you embrace life Jill, is so joyful and free... Happy Holidays... Roxanne

The Artist Within Us said...

Greetings Jill,

I do not know if I have the courage to cut up a painting of mine. Depending on the type of abstract painting, I have often photographed portions of a painting to see how many new compositions I can discover within.

I must say it took a lot of courage on your part and the results appear to have been worth it.

Warmest regards

Seth said...

It has been so enjoyable watching your art and creativity grow, blossom, and continue to go through a metamorphosis. You new creations reflect the layers of your journey, getting richer and deeper with each new artwork. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Marilyn Rock said...

A re-birth of sorts! Beautiful Jill! Love seeing the metamorphosis here; who says it's just for butterflies! I do this a lot with paintings that I've done; it took me a bit to get used to it but now I see it as a re-birth.

Thanks so much for sharing and your poem is incredible! I look forward to sharing more, with you, in the coming New Year!

Best always - Marilyn

Studio Sylvia said...

Such vibrant work Jill. Love them.

Kim said...

LOve what you have have done with this painting Jill, especially the first one with the woman! Love the vibrancy of it and the layering. Great work! Very brave of you to cut it up and give it a rebirth, but what a rebirth!

Lawendula said...

Lovely, my dearest Jilly!
Sorry, that it took me so long to see your new posting, but as you know, your blog's tricky!
Sending you a butterfly, xoxo FM

Patti said...

Oh Jill! I love this - your art and words and the ability to share your journey. You are such a treasure!

La Dolce Vita said...

these are just stunning! i love the way the woman is emerging from the butterfly! beautiful! and Happy New Year! Cheers!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I hope the new year brings us all the spirit and joy described in your poem .. who could stop us then???

The very best to you!!

Debrina said...

Hi Jill! Happy New Year and I hope your xmas was just fantastic! Love what's going on here. I love the idea of metamorphosising (sp!) the metamorphosis, lol! I've just done the same thing with two of my old collages. I'm doing ICE (International Collage Exchange) this year and these old collages of mine were crying out to be transformed. I think we develop not only our eye for detail and composition but also for theme. I love the hummingbirds and the butterflies - outstanding!!

Evangeline said...

These are wonderful, and so inspiring! I love this idea of recreation and metamorphosis.

Steen said...

Your poem is beautiful in its praise for freedom and harmony. And show us how we can be ever changing – in our life and in our souls – and how you transform and change and dream. It`s for all of us. A beautiful piece that also concludes a year with so much wonderful transformation in your artwork.

Its touching and it’s like a lovely piece of music where a simple theme – a smile - is presented and it evolves around itself, changes, transforms and eventually and surprisingly ends up in a new and wonderful peaceful version – still is the same theme - and empowered to fly.

Besides your award, for me an impressive transformation happened when you did “Rights of Passage”. Like a fairytale – with a soft and pieceful surface - on deep water. When I saw it I then knew when you can do that you can go very far – and through many passages! What is there to say – do some more for us! Steen.

Anonymous said...

how magnificent! i adore your painting and your butterflies on sheet music, you creative little petal! i love seeing these so much -- i keep scrolling back up and looking at each and every little detail. the hummingbirds are just GORGEOUS.